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In Mark 12 Jesus observes a poor widow putting 2 coins—worth a fraction of a penny—into the Temple treasury. We learn that she gave all that she had—her entire life’s savings. Generosity to God is measured not by the amount but by the sacrifice. And there will be certain sacrifices we must make as followers of Jesus—not just financially, but practically, materially, emotionally, and even physically. What does it really “cost” us to be followers of Jesus? Pastor Gary challenges us with the example of the poor widow in today’s study.

00:00 - Welcome
00:41 - Introduction
08:44 - The Poor Widow
08:51 - 1. What she did was GENEROUS
19:45 - 2. What she did was COSTLY
Living a life FOR Jesus as followers OF Jesus will cost us something when we understand two things:
23:23 - 1. Lordship
26:22 - 2. Citizenship

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It has been a blessing for me to listen to Gary Ham Rick teach the Bible. I watch it all the time.
June 19, 2021