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Anyone familiar with Jesus’ ministry in the New Testament knows that he didn’t withhold his power to heal. In fact, the many miracles he publicly performed were proof of his promise to overcome.

On his own excruciating journey to resurrection, he suffered all forms of affliction—similar to those he healed for others. He was outcast, made lame, bleeding, and was even taken (for a time) by death.

But because we know Jesus is God made flesh, we can hear him speaking to us from the very beginning, as far back as Exodus 15 where he is referred to as Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals.

Jesus desires that we believe, even today, that bringing him our struggles, wounds, or sins can generate healing and hope. His healing may not look the way we want it to, or actualize within our agenda or timeframe, but his power to heal is both true and miraculous, even today.

Let’s consider five ways Jesus still heals today:

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