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Q.   My name is Priscila Reynoso I'm very much into Praise and Worship. I was born and raised in Dominican Republic and have lived all throughout my teens as an american out of NJ. 
Q. My ministry is a promised of God fulfilled. God spoke to my life at a very young age and said I will go to the nations worshiping His name. Years later we see He is faithful to His word and use this testimony to remind others of the faithfulness of God. 
Q.  I had the privilege of being born and raise in the Lord. I started to worship at the age of 3 years old and continued all my childhood and teenage years as a worship leader in the church and the area. In 2010 I was invited to participate in a festival in NYC, which had the goal to find young talented worshipers. I obtained second place and that is how my first album, "Planes" was born. 
Q.  As mentioned above, I have been singing from a very early age. This was planted in me, however, by my family. My father was a drummer of worship band in DR, my mother was a gospel singer very well known in the 90s, and well, all my aunts, cousins and brother sing. We are what we called a family of "levites". 
Q.  main focus and goal is very clear: to lead and inspire believers to what is true Worship. To lead the people of God to surrender their all, body, mind and soul to the Lord through the act of worship and being able to through the Holy Spirit connect to God's Spirit. Also, to emphasize, true worship is a style of life which most be practiced everyday not just a few hours one day a week. 
Q. I was born and raised in the Lord; however, after realizing I wasn't serving God with all my heart and He desired, I gave Him my life at the age of 13. 9- My latest and first production is "Planes" a reminder of Jeremiah 29:11 knowing the Lord knows our desires and has a perfect plan for our lives.
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